Professional Competency

    Who We Are

    Shole Accounting Services  is 100% women owned company. Our team is well able with adequate skills and abilities to provide competitive advantage for our client. We thrive and succeed when our clients succeed. Therefore building sustainable relationships are at the centre of our business. We are more that accounting, we strive to provide solutions that  are cost effective to drive productivity and profitability for our clients. Our role as a service provider is to ensure all our client plays a big part in our country’s economical growth and GDP.

    Our Mission

    To adequately serve the interest of our customers. To Contribute to the development of high quality service, by facilitating, adoption and implementing high quality standards. To contribute to the development of strong professional accountancy. To contribute towards promoting the value of professional accountants across in South Africa.

    Our Vision

    The vision is to have Shole Accounting Services being recognized as a leader in the development of strong and sustainable, adoptable, accounting and business processes for both SME and Medium size company.To become the best service provider of accounting, tax and payroll services. By ensuring differentiated quality service to our clients at all times. Providing adaptable professional services to meet our customer needs