Shole Accounting was at Cosmo City, a small area in Roodeport in the south-east of Johannesburg.  We were on a mission, going door to door and giving out food vouchers to the local residences.

    Shole Accounting is a huge believer in giving back to the community. There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than giving back and making a difference in people’s lives.  As prices go up and the recession having huge impact in our country, we are taking time out to really give back and meet a need to the people South Africa.

    We were warmly embraced by the residence and got to interact with the warm hearts that we were gifting with food vouchers. The mission of the day was not to donate but to make a difference. Sometimes the smallest initiative is the most meaningful one. We hope that we have filled a gap and made a difference.

    But we did not stop there!! We quickly realized that we still had more food vouchers left over, so we hurried out of Cosmo and went to Soweto to distribute what was left. The day was successful and fulfilling and we can’t wait to do this more and more again.